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NOTE: Please be aware that while this information is made available for your research use and convenience, it is NOT an "Official" source for citation to the Code. Errors in electronic conversion transmission are possible. Please check official publications located in the County Administrator's Office to ensure accuracy of citations and quotes.

Chapter 1
General Provisions

Chapter 2
County Government

Chapter 3
Finance and Taxation

Asset Policy
Investment Policy
Debt Policy 
Electronic Fund Policy
Fund Balance Policy  
Procurement Policy
Uniform Grant Guidance Policies and Procedures
Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy for Tax-Exempt Obligations

Chapter 4
Human Resources/Personnel Administration

Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual
Data Center Access Policy
Mobile Device Policy
Password Policy
Wireless Network Access Policy
Technology Hardware Asset Management Policy 
Technology Software Asset Management Policy
Technology Use Policy
Telecommuting Policy
Social Media Policy
Social Media Comment Policy / Disclaimers

Chapter 5
Law Enforcement

Chapter 6
Emergency Management

Chapter 7
Traffic Code 

Chapter 8
County Supervisory Districts 

Chapter 9 
Peace and Order

Chapter 10
Environmental Site Assessment

Chapter 11
Emergency Telephone Ordinance

Chapter 12 - Reserved for Future Use

Chapter 13
Board of Adjustment

Chapter 14
20 Year Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 15
Private Sewage Systems

Chapter 16
Forestry and Parks

Chapter 17
Zoning Code

Zoning Map

Chapter 18
Agricultural Performance Standards and Animal Waste Management

Chapter 19
Floodplain Zoning

Chapter 20
Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation

Chapter 21
Shoreland-Wetland Zoning

Chapter 22
Highway Department-Other Than Traffic Regulations

Chapter 23
Land Division and Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 24
Records Retention

Chapter 25
Construction and Effect of Ordinances