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1. What services are not provided by the Child Support Agency?

The Child Support Agency is not involved in deciding or enforcing custody and placement issues. Parents are encouraged to come to an agreement regarding these issues. If they are unable to do so, the matter(s) will have to be brought before the court either with an attorney, or pro se (representing yourself) packet. Pro Se forms are available through our link under Forms & Documents.

2. When is a payer considered delinquent?           

If the paying parent does not make a payment for more than 30 days, the child support agency will begin enforcement proceedings to obtain payments.  

3. What will the child support agency do about arrears(back owed child support) ?

If the arrears are more than 1 month greater than the current child support, the payer will be placed on the statewide lien docket, be eligible for license suspensions (recreational, sporting, professional, occupation, & driver's license), and credit bureau reporting. If the payer is working and has an income withholding order in effect, the child support agency may increase said withholding administratively with a court order to pay off the arrearage in additional monthly amounts. If the payer owes more than $500, they are certified for the tax intercept program whereby any refunds due will be applied toward child support arrears or other debts/costs owing.

4. Do I need an attorney?

Attorneys who appear at child support hearings for the Child Support Agency are there to represent the interests of the State of Wisconsin and do not represent you or the other parent.


5. What is the difference between custody and placement?

Custody is the authority given to one or both parents by the court to make major decisions regarding their child such as decisions about school and medical care. Sole custody is one parent has custody, joint custody is both parents having custody.

Placement is periods of time a child spends in the care of a parent (also called visitation). Primary physical placement is where the child lives most of the time.

Shared-Placement is when the child lives with each parent at least 25% of the time. Both parents assume all costs in proportion to the number of days he/she cares for the child. The time with each parent may or may not be equal.

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6. Can payments be made directly to the custodial parent?

Any child support ordered through the courts MUST go through the State Disbursement Unit (Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund) or no credit will be given for said payment(s).

7. How do I get a statement of all the support I received last year?

You can view and print your payment history from the Child Support Online Services site. (Registration is required). You can pick a statement for one or for all of your cases. You can choose from the following time frames:

the past 90 days
past calendar year

You may also call the KIDS Information Line 800-991-5530 Option 1, Option 4 and Option 2 and ask to have payment history mailed to you.

8. When can a review on my case be done?

A review WILL be done when:
  • A parent gets cash assistance benefits for the children, and the order has not been reviewed for three years.
  • A parent asks for a review, and the order has not been reviewed over one year.
  • A court orders the review.
A review MIGHT be done when:
  • A parent hires an attorney to ask the court for a review.
  • A parent asks the court for a review by filing his or her own motion.
  • The last review was less than three years ago, but there has been a substantial change in circumstance.
Examples of a substantial change in circumstance
  • The paying parent receives a raise or decrease in salary that would lead to a monthly change in the support order of more than $50.
  • The court changes a child's placement, and the child is now placed with the parent who is ordered to pay support.
  • The paying parent is no longer responsible to pay support for an older child on a case, and a lower monthly support amount is requested.
  • The parent getting support now receives public assistance benefits, and the order is old or no support was ordered.
9. Wisconsin EPPIC Debit Mastercard Questions and Answers ?

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10. Can I switch from EPPIC Debit Card to a Checking or Savings?

If you currently receive your child support payments on the Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard but would prefer direct deposit of your payments into a checking or savings account, fill out and mail to the Address listed on the form, Do Not Mail to the Child Support Agency. Direct Deposit Application

11. Questions Parents ask about Intercepting Tax Refunds?

12. Why am I being charged $65.00 Fee?


13. What if I disagree that I owe the R&D fees ?

You have the right to contest whether the R&D balances are owed by requesting an administrative review and/or a court hearing. Download the Request for Review Form.The request must be mailed to the Wisconsin State Bureau of Child Support, P.O. Box 7935, Madison WI, 53707-7935, and should include:Your name
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Case Number
  • Current address
  • Telephone number
Administrative review requests can be made at any time and do not require the presence of an attorney. The written requests for an Administrative Review or Hearing will be reviewed by the Bureau of Child Support. Only requests in writing will receive a response.

14. Fees Paid by the Parent Getting Support, $35 Fee, Etc.

15. I was divorced last year and never received support. My local child support agency said i don't have a child support case. Why?

Receiving a child support order from the court does not mean you are receiving case management from the child support agency. You will need to apply for our services either by printing an application from online or picking up an application from our office. There is no charge for this application.