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Under EPCRA requirements, facilities that deal with hazardous materials have certain responsibilities to the community. Those facilities that meet or exceed certain threshold amounts may be required to submit any or all of the following:
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or chemical lists.
  • Annual HazMat inventory reports (Tier II)
  • Facility information for response plan development
The EPA List of Lists contains all chemicals subject to EPCRA reporting.  More information on reporting can be found at the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Land & Emergency Management website, including regulatory information by sector.  In December 2015, OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard aligned with the Global Harmonization Standard (GHS) for classification and labeling of chemicals.

The State EPCRA Division has transitioned to an on-line reporting system called WHOPRS (WI Hazmat On-Line Planning and Reporting System). Facilities may file their Tier II and Emergency Planning Notification (EPN) documents on-line utilitzing this program.  If you use WHOPRS you do not have to mail hard copies of your filings to the local LEPC or Fire Departments as they have access to the on-line reports.

The Department of Natural Resources is informed of all hazmat spills also. For more information on spill reporting visit their website at Wisconsin DNR Spills Program

For questions regarding Hazmat Team spill response billing or procedures, contact Marinette County Emergency Management.