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- Annual Equestrian Camping Sticker $25.00
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Access Permit - Permit for the purpose of obtaining ingress and egress across the lands owned by and located within Marinette County.  Contact office for permit. Fee - $100.00

Logging Access Permit – 
Permit for the purpose to use and improve existing county trails to provide access to Private Property for the purpose of logging and removing forest products. The authorization to use and improve trail is subject to conditions listed on permit. Contact office for permit. Fee - $50.00 

Disabled ATV Permit - A motorized golf cart, ATV or similar means of conveyance may be used by disabled persons as a mode of personal conveyance by obtaining written permits from the department. Stop in the office or mail request along with proof of disability.  Permit will be sent to you by mail. Fee - $5.00 along with a copy of proof of disability


Fuelwood Permit  Buy here 
Fuelwood cutting allowed on Marinette County Forest lands subject to conditions listed on permit. Permit is available at the Forestry Department, 1926 Hall Ave, Marinette, WI 54143 or by sending a check, along with name and address to the same address. Fee – $30.00

County Forest Camping Permit - Buy here
Camping is allowed by permit on county land not designated as a park or that is within any incorporated municipality for a period not to exceed fourteen (14) consecutive days. Fee - $25.00 

Annual Equestrian Camping Sticker -  Buy here
Camping is allowed by annual sticker at either the Lake Mary Equestrian Campground located in the Town of Middle Inlet or the Horseshoe Falls Equestrian Campground located in the Town of Dunbar. Campers must have a horse or be associated with a horse owner to camp. Fee - $25.00

Forest Metal Detecting Permit  –  Buy here
Authorization to metal detect on county forest land subject to conditions listed on permit. Fee - $5.00