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FoodShare Wisconsin helps people who have limited money buy the food they need for good health. FoodShare benefits are used to purchase food at grocery stores that participate in FoodShare Wisconsin. FoodShare benefits are deposited in the participants’ account using an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system, and are spent using a debit card called the Wisconsin QUEST Card. The Wisconsin QUEST card allows access to FoodShare benefits through point-of-sale or swipe card terminals at food stores. These transactions look like any other debit card transaction and are free to the cardholder. FoodShare benefit amounts are based on household size and monthly net income after deductions. The FoodShare Employment and Training Program assist’s people who receive FoodShare benefits to find a job through work activities and education and training. If you would like to find out if you might be eligible for FoodShare benefits, visit ACCESS at

For further information about the FoodShare program:

Wisconsin Medicaid has many different health care programs that can help certain needy or low-income people pay for health care. The program rules and income limits are not the same for each program.

BadgerCare Plus is a program for children and families in Wisconsin who need and want health insurance. BadgerCare Plus is for all kids, regardless of income. It also offers access to comprehensive, affordable health care to working families and pregnant women is Wisconsin. Elderly, Blind or Disabled Medicaid is a program for people who are age 65 or older, blind or disabled. Medicaid Purchase Plan provides health care for people with disabilities who work. Medicaid Premium Assistance can help some people pay their Medicare Part A and B premiums. Family Planning Waiver Program is for women age 15 through 44. This program pays for family planning services. Your doctor or family planning provider may be able to give you family planning services including birth control for up to 90 days, while you apply with the Medicaid office. Well Woman Medicaid helps women who have been diagnosed with and re in need of treatment for certain types of cancer.

If you would like to find out if you might be eligible for Medicaid benefits, visit ACCESS at

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program
Provides financial assistance to low-income parents who are working or preparing to enter the workforce. The parent’s share of the cost is determined on a sliding scale depending on the family income, family’s size and number of children in subsidized care, and the type of child care service chosen.
State website on child care:

Wisconsin Shares can only be paid to a regulated child care provider. If interested in starting a daycare in your home, please contact Child Care Certifier, Patti Barry at 920-448-6361 or email

Kinship Care
Provides cash payment to caretaker relatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) who are providing care and maintenance for a person under age 18 or a person age 18 years of age or over, but under the age of 19 years of age, who is a full-time student and reasonably expected to graduate.
State website on Kinship Care:
SSI Caretaker Supplement program
Helps support of SSI recipients’ dependent children with a monthly SSI Caretaker Supplement (C-Supp) payment issued for each eligible child.
State website on Caretaker Supplement:


Detection of potential errors and omissions of fact prior to issuance of benefits helps prevent overpayments and commission of fraudulent acts. Fraud referrals are investigated and vigorously prosecuted when intentional program violation is found. To report a suspected fraud, call 715-732-7715.

Most changes affecting benefits that you receive through Marinette County Economic Support should be reported to the Bay Lake Consortium Change and Information Center. Changes are taken by phone, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm; Thursday 11am - 4:00pm, excluding holidays. By calling 1-888-794-5747, your change can be handled immediately and you will know the status of your benefits. Depending on the change you are reporting and the program (s) you are receiving assistance for, verification of the information may be required.

Some changes that should be reported to the Change and Information Center are:
  • Birth of a child
  • Address changes
  • Changes in income or assets
  • Changes in expenses
You may also fax verifications and documents to 1-855-293-1822 or mail to:
PO Box 5234
Janesville, WI 53547-5234

Contact:  Grant Kuehnl - Economic Support Manager
Phone: 715-732-7840
Fax: 715-732-7537
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