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The mission of the Marinette County Mental Health Court is to increase public safety and restore productive and law abiding citizens to the community by breaking the cycle of criminal behavior through effective long-term mental health treatment and intensive court supervision.



What is Mental Health Court?

Marinette County Mental Health Court is a problem solving court that serves defendants charged with a criminal offense who are struggling with serious mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders.  Jail alone as punishment has proven to be costly and ineffective for many individuals. Mental Health Court holds its participants accountable for their behavior, provides them with support and assistance, and works collaboratively with service providers for quality care of that individual.  It is an 18-24 month voluntary program that promotes stability and sobriety through the cooperation and collaboration of the courts, mental health system, and corrections. This comprehensive care model allows for a rapid response to unmet needs of participants by removing barriers and providing access to mental health services. The program couples judicial reviews with intensive probation supervision including input from a multi-disciplinary team of professionals led by the judge.


Contact:  Lisa Spencer - Mental Health Court Coordinator
Phone: 715-938-2401
Fax: 715-732-7711
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Address:  2500 Hall Ave
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm