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Storm Drain Stenciling

Any water that runs down a storm drain flows directly into our waterways. It does not pass through the sanitary sewer system, and it does not receive anykind of treatment. This means that whatever we put down these storm drains winds up in the lakes and streams where we go fishing, boating, and swimming. However, many people are not aware of this important fact.

Storm drain stenciling is a simple way to prevent this kind of pollution in your neighborhood. You can let your neighbors know that anything dumped in the street winds up in our waterways by stenciling next to storm drains. This is a great activity for all types of organizations from school groups to scout groups to service clubs. By participating, the members of your group will become more aware of the close link between our streets and waterways. And you will leave behind a reminder for others.

The Land & Water Conservation has all the equipment needed for this project. We have the stencils, spray paint, gloves, and literature to spread throughout the neighborhood to tell people what you are doing and why. All you have to supply is the volunteers.