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To fulfill its mission, the Property Listing Department keeps ownership records current for all Marinette County property by processing recorded documents which effect title to property and updating the data base on those records. In conjunction with this procedure, property maps are drafted by geographic location and kept current with regard to property boundaries. This information is used by the assessor as a tool in assessing property under his jurisdiction, and also by interested parties that have title to or an interest in the land.

Secondly, the Property Listing Department verifies and enters into the data base the information which is needed to produce the real estate and personal property assessment rolls, tax rolls, and tax bills. The office also orders and distributes all state-mandated assessment and taxation forms.

Prior to 1946, all of Marinette County's assessment rolls, tax rolls, and tax bills were handwritten and manually calculated by the taxation district assessors, clerks, and treasurers.

In 1945 the first Addressograph machine was purchased, and in 1946 the assessment rolls, tax rolls, and tax bills were produced on that equipment. However, all numeric entries, as well as all mathematical calculations, remained the responsibility of the local taxation district officials.

In 1981, Marinette County purchased its first computer. In 1982, computer programs were written to contain land information data, and in 1983 the Property Listing Department began to enter parcel data into the data base. By year end 1983, 13 of our 25 districts had computer generated rolls and bills.

By 1984, the parcel information for all 25 districts had been entered, and that year, for the first time in Marinette County history, 40,995 tax bills were produced using computer technology, thereby eliminating manual mathematical calculations and numeric entries.

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Contact:  Tina Barnes - Real Property Lister
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