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WDACP Hunting Opportunities

One of the abatement methods in common for all WDACP enrollees seeking claims is the obligation of permitting hunting for the species causing damage.

Every farmer that seeks abatement and claims for damage caused by Whitetail deer through the WDACP must allow hunting for Whitetail deer on their enrolled property. This same rule applies to claims made for damages caused by Black bears, wild turkeys, and Canada geese.

If you think you may be interested in hunting on these farms, you can obtain a list of Marinette County WDACP enrollees through this website. The list includes information on what species are available to hunt, how many people must be admitted to the property to hunt the species causing damage, and contact information for each enrollee.

You must contact any enrollee on whose property you would like to hunt in order to gain permission. The enrollee then may or may not grant hunting permission based on their hunter quota and presence of hunters on their property. Hunters who seek permission well before hunting seasons start and those that pursue face-to-face meetings with WDACP enrollees have better odds of obtaining hunting permission than those who do not.

To see the Marinette County WDACP enrollee list click on the following link and visit the site: