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Wildlife in Marinette County

One of the features that sets Marinette County apart from some other areas of the state is the variety and abundance of wildlife. In addition to the hundreds of species of migratory birds that call Marinette County home, there are also many mammals and game birds that utilize the wide variety of habitats present.

Whitetail deer, red and gray fox, coyotes, raccoons, weasels, chipmunks, black bears, wild turkeys, beavers, muskrats, gophers, Canada geese, opossum, red and gray squirrels, mice, woodchucks, fishers, ruffed grouse, cottentail rabbits, bobcats, mink, martens, the occasional timber wolf or moose, and numerous other small mammels all call Marinette County home.

While this abundance of wildlife promotes tourism in the county, provides recreational opportunities and is enjoyed by all, some species must be managed in order to stay within the limits of their biological and social carrying capacities. The Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims Program seeks to mitigate damages caused by wildlife in a way that enables humans and animals, alike, to make Marinette County their home.