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Marinette County Consolidated Public Library Service has seven branches stretched out across Marinette County, Wisconsin: Coleman, Crivitz, Goodman, Marinette, Niagara, Peshtigo and Wausaukee.

​Our Mission: Marinette County Libraries provide access to information, service and lifelong learning for a greater world.​

Our libraries are more than a bunch of buildings filled with books. ​​Although our books, audiobooks, movies, magazines, and digital resources can take you places your mind only dreams about, our libraries have more to offer. In addition to providing resources for research, education, and employment, our libraries provide free community activities for children, teens, and adults.

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Contact:  Lara Lakari - Interim Library Director
Phone: 715-732-7570
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Address:  1700 Hall Avenue
Marinette, WI 54143
Office Hours:  Stephenson Public Library:
Monday: 9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday: 9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM

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