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1. How do I get a copy of a death certificate? 

Death Certificates may be obtained through your selected funeral home or the Register of Deeds.

2. How do I get a copy of a Medical Examiner's Report (i.e. Autopsy Report, Toxicology Report)? 

You may obtain a Medical Examiner case by sending a written request to 2161 University Drive, Marinette WI 54143. You will need to include the decedent's name, your relationship to the decedent and an address where you would like the report sent back to. 

3. What are the Medical Examiner's fees for signing a death certificate or cremation permit?

2023 RATE
Death Certificate Signing: $55.07
Cremation Permit Signing: $110.14

2024 RATE
Death Certificate Signing: $58.65
Cremation Permit Signing: $117.30

All cremation permits should be emailed as a PDF to Permits will be reviewed, signed and emailed back within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Any permits received over the weekend will be signed the following business day. 

4. I am a Funeral Director looking to obtain a signed cremation permit. What is the process? 

All Marinette County Cremation permits should be attached and emailed as a PDF to Cremation permits will be returned within 24 hours to the email addresss it was received from. Permits will not be signed on weekends and all major holiday's.