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Campground Host


The Campground Host is a volunteer camper for a contracted period of time during the camping season. The host may be an individual or a couple. The host provides hospitality and information to other campers. The host is a camper with volunteer duties. No compensation is provided and the host receives no additional privileges.

The Campground Host signs an agreement with the County Parks Division that states the dates and duties of the host's service, and what the Division will provide, including necessary training. It also makes clear that there is no insurance for the volunteer host, who is responsible for his or her own liability. Because this is a position of public trust, a criminal background check will be run on applicants being considered as campground area hosts.

The host's function is hospitality. It is not the host's job to enforce regulations. It is not up to the Host to make sure that campers follow the regulations. Do not attempt to act as an enforcer. Notify park staff of any problem. If staff is unavailable or has left for the evening, call the Marinette County Sheriff's Department. Use your best judgement as to whether to call the regular number or 911. Enforcement is up to park staff and the Marinette County Sheriff's Department.


TITLE: Campground Host


OBJECTIVE: To provide hospitality and information to campers; to act as "eyes and ears" when staff is not present at the campground.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Greeting campers, helping with self-registration, providing information about local resources and attractions, when approached, politely encouraging voluntary compliance with rules and notifying authorities when unsuccessful, some minor maintenance, alerting campers to weather emergencies, acting as a good camper role model and generally assisting campers as needed.

QUALIFICATIONS: Strong camping experience, familiarity with County Parks, knowledge of surrounding area. Outgoing nature and love of "people work" helpful. A criminal background check is required.

TRAINING AND PREPARATION: Orientation by Park Foreman, safety measures and equipment, emergency procedures, orientation to park, identifying cap and insignia provided by Division.

COMMITTMENT: At least one month. Volunteer will sign a contract with the Division.

EVALUATION: Written/verbal, by Park Foreman

BENEFITS: Socializing, sense of belonging to the park, helping others.

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