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Marinette County Parks were, for the most part, developed individually by various groups in each town. The County, over a period of time, gathered these individual parks into an integrated Parks system.

Below is a short description of each park property located on Marinette County Forest Lands:

GOODMAN PARK – In 1936, work was started by CCC Camp Dunbar on the development of Strong Falls on the Peshtigo River as a demonstration of the recreational use of county forest lands. This area was established by County Board Resolution #53 on September 23, 1936. On September 12, 1938, by Board Resolution #36, was named Goodman Park in honor of Robert B. Goodman of Marinette, prominent lumberman and conservationist, who had done so much for Marinette County in the early days of land-use and forestry studies. Goodman Park was dedicated with a suitable program on September 25, 1938. Over 500 people attended the dedication.

Goodman Park is situated on one of the most beautiful spots of the Peshtigo River at Strong Falls. It was acquired by Marinette County on a land exchange with the Goodman Lumber Company.

The Dunbar CCC boys built a large log shelter with a fireplace in both ends, and a shelter house for small groups of people. A caretaker’s cabin, garage and workshop also were built. The entire area was landscaped, and other facilities required for a park area were constructed.

Each year the park is visited by thousands of people, ranging from those who use the buildings to those fishing and hunting in the surrounding area to those who limit their activities to a simple picnic in the midst of beautiful scenery.

MCCLINTOCK PARK – The park lands were purchased from Eleanor McClintock in 1936. McClintock Park is the “bridge park”. Four laminated, wood bridges are located over rapids in the upper Peshtigo River in northwestern Marinette County. It is a beautiful place to take pictures and have a picnic. Camping with direct access to the ATV trail is also available.

MORGAN PARK – In 1958, Marinette County accepted responsibility for developing the park from local youth and civic groups. The park was named after James C. Morgan, a County Board Member who was particularly active in establishing the Marinette County Forest. Morgan Park is located on Timm’s Lake, six miles east of Pembine.

TWELVE FOOT FALLS PARK – This park was built in 1956 and 1957 in the center of the County’s largest forest plantation. The construction work was done by the Marinette County Forestry Department. Old time river drivers, who helped move the pine timber logged in the area named the falls by the distance the river dropped over the rock edge. Rustic camping sites are located near the reflecting pool of the falls.

VETERAN’S MEMORIAL PARK – This park was developed by the American Legion and other civic organizations. Located on Parkway Road in the Town of Stephenson, it features a footbridge over a waterfall. The reflecting pool at the bottom of the falls often plays host to local trout fisherman. Rustic camping and a large day-use area are also available.

CAMP BIRD YOUTH CENTER – Camp Bird was established by the Marinette County Board in 1939. It was built by the WPA in 1940-41-42. The camp features log cabin style, “resort-type” accommodations. It features several 325-year-old plus red pines and a beautiful sand beach on Sand Lake. The camp is used by the 4-H, church groups, school groups, the Girl Scouts and many others. The camp has introduced many non-county residents to Marinette County. Local young people benefit through recreation and environmental education programs offered at the youth camp.