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Rules and Regulations

(1) Parks, Campsite and Boat Landing Usage Fees.
(a) ENTRANCE FEES. All persons driving a motor vehicle and using a County park, campground or boat ramp facility shall pay the applicable fee before use begins. Fees shall be deposited into designated containers and the stub displayed in vehicle as instructed.
(b) The owner of a vehicle involved in a violation of this ordinance shall be liable for the violation. It shall be no defense that the owner was not operating the vehicle at the time of violation.
(2) Closed Areas. The Department may temporarily close any picnic area, beach, camp area, trail, unpaved road or similar recreational facility by posted notice.
(3) Morgan Park and Goodman Park Group Sites. A maximum of 50 people may occupy the group site.
(4) Twin Bridge Group Site. A maxiumum of 25 people may occupy the group site.
(5) Persons with Disabilities. A motorized golf cart or similar means of conveyance may be used by disabled persons with written permit.

(1) General.
(a) REFUSE. No person shall discard or leave any household refuse, litter, rubbish, debris, dirt, stone, sewage or other waste material on any County lands, in any building or installation, in the water or upon the ice of any lake, stream or other body of water, except by placing in receptacles on other authorized locations provided for such purposes. Recyclables shall be placed in official designated recycling containers. All refuse will be packed out from those areas where official containers are not provided. Charcoal residue must be left in a grate or fireplace until cool or placed in receptacles provided for such purpose.
(b) BUILDINGS. No person shall enter buildings or areas locked or closed to public use on County lands.
(c) PEDDLING AND SOLICITING. No person shall peddle, solicit or conduct any commercial operations of any nature whatsoever, distribute handbills or other advertising matter, or post unauthorized signs on any County lands unless granted authorization in writing.
(d) DAMAGE. No person shall put nails, spikes, screws, bolts, staples or other similar items on or into trees or any natural growth or damage archaeological features or cause damage to any County property without a written permit from the Committee. The picking of edible fruits, nuts or wild asparagus is allowed.
(e) OFF ROAD VEHICLES. No person shall operate any unlicensed motor vehicle including but not limited to, trail bikes, motorcycles, mini-bikes or all terrain vehicles on County lands. All terrain vehicles are allowed on designated ATV trails.
(f) METAL DETECTORS. The use of metal detectors is prohibited, except by written permit issued by the Department.
(2) Parks.
(a) PETS. No person shall allow his/her dog, cat or other pet, hereinafter referred to as pets, to be in any building or upon any bathing beach, picnic area or playground. In all other park areas, pets shall be kept on a leash not more than 8' in length and under the control of the owner at all times. No person shall allow his/her pet from interfering in any manner with the enjoyment of the area by others.
(b) NOISE. No person shall operate any sound track, loudspeaker, generator, air conditioner or other device that produces excessive loud or unusual noises without first obtaining a written permit.
(c) BEACHES. No person shall perform any bathing with soap and/or shampoo on any bathing beach or in the water adjacent to any bathing beach on any County lands.
(d) FIREARMS/ARCHERY. Firearms or air guns, slingshots or spring loaded devices designed for shooting a projectile unless the same is unloaded and enclosed in a carrying case or any bow unless the same is unstrung or enclosed in a carrying case, are not allowed.
(e) FIREWORKS, ROCKETS, EXPLOSIVE DEVICES. No person shall possess, fire, discharge, explode or set off any squib, cracker or other explosive or pyrotechnic device containing powder or other combustible or explosive material within the limits of any County park, excepting exhibitions of fireworks as authorized by the Committee or its agents.
(f) FIRES. No person shall start, tend or maintain any fire on the grounds, except in fireplaces or fire rings in any County park. No person shall leave any fire unattended; throw away any matches, cigarettes, cigars, pipe ashes or any embers without first extinguishing them; or start, tend or use in any manner any fire contrary to posted notice on any Park lands.
(g) VEHICULAR TRAFFIC. No person shall operate any vehicle at a speed in excess of 15 mph or contrary to official traffic signs in any park.
(h) BOATS.
(1) No boat, watercraft or aircraft shall be left on shore, moored, left unattended or anchored overnight in the waters of any County park, except in areas designated for that purpose.
(2) No person shall remain overnight in any boat, watercraft or aircraft anchored, moored or docked at any Committee controlled dock, wharf, boat landing or other mooring area.
(3) No person shall operate a boat within a water area marked by buoys or other approved regulatory devices as a bathing beach nor operate a boat in a restricted use area contrary to regulatory notice marked on buoys or other approved regulatory devices.
(i) WILDLIFE. No person shall take, catch, kill, hunt, trap, pursue or otherwise disturb any wild animals or birds on any County Park Land.
(j) HORSES. No person shall ride, lead or have a horse in any County park.
Obstruct Access. No person shall operate, park, stop or leave standing, whether attended or unattended, any vehicle or watercraft in any manner as to block, obstruct or limit the use of any road, trail, waterway or winter port facility or contrary to posted notice.
(1) One Camping Party. No more than one camping party shall occupy a single campsite, except that up to 6 members of a juvenile group may occupy one campsite.
(2) Non-Designated area. Camping is prohibited in County parks, except in designated areas. No person shall camp in such areas without a permit and the payment of the prescribed fees.
(3) Assigned Campsites. No camping party shall move from its assigned campsite to another campsite without prior approval.
(4) 14 Day Limit. No person shall camp and no camping unit shall remain in a given site for a period greater than 14 days of any 4 week period, unless seasonal camping has been reserved. After 14 days, the camping unit must be removed from the property for at least seven days before being eligible to return. Exception: Seasonal Campsites.
(5) Set Up – Take Down. No camping party shall start setting up or taking down its camping unit between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.
(6) Obtaining Camping Permits. No person shall obtain a camping permit for use by a camping party of which that person is not a member, except that parents and group leaders may obtain camping permits for use by juvenile groups.
(7) Reservable Sites. No party shall occupy a designated reservable site unless authorized by a Park official.
(8) Camping Unit Limit. No more than two camping units shall occupy any one campsite. No more than one recreational trailer or motor home, shall occupy any one campsite.
(9) Check-Out Time. No person shall occupy a campsite after 12 p.m. on the last day of the permit period without obtaining an extension prior to that time.
(10) Closing Hours. No person except registered campers in or enroute to designated campsites shall enter or be in any County park between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and the following 5:00 a.m. unless otherwise posted.
(11) Campsite Parking. No person shall park any motor vehicle outside the parking area designated at each campsite. No group shall park more than two motor vehicles or five motorcycles in the parking area of any campsite.
(12) Alcohol Beverages. No person shall consume alcohol beverages within any County park between the hours of 1 a.m. and the following 4 a.m. unless otherwise posted.
(13) Personal Conduct. No person shall engage in conduct in a loud, offensive or disturbing to others manner. Persons who engage in such conduct may be asked by division staff to leave the park. Persons who refuse to leave when asked may be subject to a citation or action taken by the Sheriff's Department.

DEFINITIONS: The following definitions apply:
(1) Abandoned Vehicle. Any motor vehicle, trailer, semi-trailer or mobile home left unattended for more than 48 hours.
(2) Adult Group. A group composed of members 18 years of age or older who are members or guests of an established and named organization. Adult groups may include families.
(3) Camp or Camping. The use of a shelter, such as a tent, trailer, motor vehicle, tarpaulin, bedroll or sleeping bag, for temporary residence or sleeping purposes.
(4) Camping Party. Any individual, group of individuals not exceeding 5 persons who are 7 years of age or older or family occupying a campsite.
(5) Camping Unit. Any single shelter used for a camp by a camping party except those used exclusively for dining purposes.
(6) Campsite. Any segment of a campground designated for camping use.
(7) Family. A parent or parents with their unemancipated children and not more than 2 guests.
(8) Group Campground. A campground designated for use by juvenile or adult groups.
(9) Juvenile Group. A group composed of juvenile members of an established named organization and under the leadership of at least one adult 21 years old or older per five juveniles.

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