General Office Information
Adult Adoption
An adult adoption is an adoption of an adult by someone other than the biological parents. Adult adoptions may be done for inheritance purposes.

How to File

You may file with the assistance of an attorney or file pro se (on your own).
  • Review the Adult Adoption Guideline. 
  • Complete the Adoption forms listed in the procedure guideline.
  • File the completed forms with the Register in Probate office.
  • Attend the adoption hearing scheduled before the Circuit Court Judge.
The Court WILL NOT grant a name change. Adult adoptees wishing to change their name must file a separate civil procedure (Petition for Name Change form, etc. with the Clerk of Court’s office). The hearing for adult adoption and the hearing on the name change can be requested to be heard together.

Adoption Records Search Program
The Adoption Records Search is available to adult adoptees, adoptees whose birth parent(s) terminated parental rights when they were minors, adoptive parents, and birth parents.

Please note: Domestic Adoptions, Foreign Adoptions, and Step-parent Adoptions are filed with the Clerk of Court's office. You may contact their office at: 715-732-7450 with any questions.

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