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1. Are probate records available on the internet?

Marinette County Probate records are available online from 1994 to the present. Court records may be found at Probate records are open to the public.

Probate records are kept by the Register in Probate for 75 years and then offered to the State Historical Society. The records are located at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Research Center, Cofrin Library.

2. What do I have to do when someone passes away?

If the decedent left a Last Will and Testament, the original must be filed with the Register in Probate office within 30 days of death even if no probate is required. Please use the following form to file the original Will.

If a probate proceeding is required, you can file the original Will when you file the initial probate documents.

3. What if there is no Will?

If the decedent did not leave a Last Will and Testament and probate is required, the rules of Intestate Succession apply. See Chapter 852 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

4. Where can I find out more general information about probate?

Check the Wisconsin Register in Probate Association website or the links on the Wisconsin State Law Library's Legal Topic Probate for more resources and information.

5. How may I obtain standard court forms?

Standard, statewide forms are required by all Wisconsin Circuit Courts. Forms may be obtained online at

6. How may I file a claim against an estate?

There is a $3.00 filing fee to file a claim against an estate. Form PR-1819 Claim against Estate is available online at There is a time limit for filing a claim based on when the probate proceeding was commenced. You may review the court file in person or preview the case record on the internet to find the deadline for filing a claim.