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Office Description of the Marinette County Register of Deeds Office:

The Register of Deeds office is responsible for recording and filing all documents authorized by law.  This includes filing and indexing of all births, deaths, marriages and domestic partnerships occuring in Marinette County and performing all other duties related to vital statistics.

The Register of Deeds office records, indexes and archives images of all transfers in land ownership, mortgages, satisfactions, federal tax liens and provides public access to all land related documents.  In addition, the office files and keeps permanent records of all Certified Survey Maps, Subdivisions Plats, Condominium Plats, County and Town Plats and Transportation Project Plats.  The office also performs administrative review of Wisconsin Real Estate Returns.

The office is also responsible for recording and indexing articles of incorporation, firm names, general partnerships and related documents, military discharges, notices regarding hazardous waste disposal facilities and martial property agreements and all other related documents.

Additionally, the office makes and delivers to any person, upon request and payment of proper fees, certified and uncertified copies of all land records and vital records, except those confidential records that are restricted.