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General Tax Information
1. When will I receive this year's tax bill?

The current year tax bill is mailed out mid-December.
Example: The 2024 tax bill will be mailed out mid-December, 2024.

2. Can I pay or find out what I owe on this year's taxes before the bills are mailed?

No, we do not have this information until December, and the County Treasurer's office is not able to accept payments until the data is uploaded to our computers. This typically happens at the same time the tax bills are mailed.

3. What is the tax timeline?

Tax bills are mailed.
January 31:                      
First half due. Also OKAY to pay in full.
July 31:                            
Second half due.
We mail a reminder to anyone that still owes on the current year taxes. An asterisk (*) on the reminder will indicate if there are also prior year taxes still due.

4. For payments, what is considered "on time"?

We go by postmark. If your envelope is postmarked by the deadline date, your payment will be considered on time.
If you are down to the deadline, you may want to take your envelope to the post office to verify that it receives the postmark in time.

5. Can I pay with a personal check?

Yes, personal checks are always accepted unless you are paying for a tax year that is already in the foreclosure process. See the "Foreclosure Timeline" for more information.

6. May I pay with a credit or debit card if I come to the Treasurer's Office?

Yes. We now accept credit or debit cards. There is a 2.2% fee charged by the credit card company.
We do still accept checks, cashier checks, money orders or cash.
You can also go online and pay with credit or debit card for the 2.2% fee or you can use an echeck for $0.25 fee.
Guide to paying online

7. How can I pay with a credit or debit card?

You can go online to pay with credit/debit card (2.2% fee) or eCheck ($0.25 fee).
Guide to online payments

8. How can I know my current balance?

*Check online data.
If you need help, please see Guide to Online Tax & Property Data
NOTE: You must change the month to figure interest if you are not paying in the current month. 
If you have any quesitons, please contact us directly.
*Come in person to the Marinette County Treasurer's Office
1925 Ella Court, Marinette - our door is across the street from the theatre parking lot. Entrance A.
*Give us a call  - 715-732-7430.
*Send us a fax - 715-732-7532.
*Send us an email -

9. I need tax information for 5 or more parcels.

First, please check our website for the information.(Guide)
If not found, please send your request by fax 715-732-7532 or email at, if possible. This will enable us to have sufficient time to process your request without causing significant delays at our counter or phone.

10. I am paying for multiple parcels. Do I need to write a separate check for each parcel?

No, as long as the munisipalities are ones the county collects for. Check here.  Please include your parcel numbers and the amount you would like applied to each.


11. To whom should I write the check? What is your mailing address?

Marinette County Treasurer. 1926 Hall Ave, Marinette WI 54143-1717.

If payment is before January 31 and your municipality collects, make check payable to them and mail to them.
To see who collects by Janunary 31 see here.

12. I need a receipt copy for a prior payment.

You can use the tax payment information online  for tax purposes. (Guide)
Otherwise, if you cannot find what you need online, you can call us at 715-732-7430, fax us at 715-732-7532 or email us at

13. I need to know the current assessed value of my home.

This information is available online and on your current tax bill. (Guide)
If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us. Phone-715-732-7430, Fax-715-732-7532 or email at
You can also contact your local assessor.

14. I do not agree with how my home is assessed.

You will need to contact your local assessor. Contact information is available on our website under Municipalities.

15. I just purchased a home. Will the tax bill be mailed to me or the previous owner?

If the deed is updated after October 1st, it is likely the bill will still go to the old owner. It is your responsibility to pursue the information and make the payments on time. If you don't receive the bill in December, you can still locate the information:
Online Data  / Guide to Using Online Data
Call - 715-732-7430
Fax - 715-732-7532
Email -

16. I just moved. Will the tax bill be sent to my new address?

You should not expect the mail service to continually forward your mail. This service only last 6 months with your post office. (ex. You move in January so your mail will be forwarded until July. Your tax bill in December would come back to us because your old address is no longer valid nor is your forwarding service.) You will need to fill out an Address Change Request form as soon as possible, so that our system will have your updated address. You can also change your address online here. (Guide)

Depending on when we receive the update, it is possible the bill will still go to the old address. It is your responsibility to pursue the information and make the payments on time. If you don't receive the bill in December, you can still look it up online. (Guide) You can also contact us for the information. Phone-715-732-7430, Fax - 715-732-7532 or Email -

17. I have another question that is not represented in this list.

Please contact us. Marinette County Treasurer, 1926 Hall Ave, Marinette WI 54143-1717, Phone - 715-732-7430, Fax - 715-732-7532 or Email -

Late (Delinquent) Taxes
1. If I am behind in my taxes, when will the foreclosure process begin?

We foreclose one year at a time, beginning after three years. (Timeline)
August 1, 2024 - Foreclosure process will begin on 2020 taxes.
March 2025 - Foreclosure deadline for 2020 tax payments.
August 1, 2025 - Foreclosure process will begin on 2021 taxes.
March 2026 - Foreclosure deadline for 2021 tax payments.

2. I know there is a $190 In-REM foreclosure process fee (Effective 07/25/23). How can I avoid that fee?

Your taxes for the in-foreclosure tax year must be paid before October 1st of the foreclosure year to avoid this fee. On October 1st, the $190 fee (Effective 07/25/23) will be added to your bill.

3. May I pay with a personal check?

Yes, personal checks are always accepted unless you are paying for a tax year that is already in the foreclosure process. Once we send out the certified foreclosure letter in December, personal checks will no longer be accepted for that tax year's payments or fees. You must pay with certified funds, money order, bank check, or cash. NOTE: We request the $190 fee (Effective 07/25/23) to be paid with a separate Cashier's Check or Money Order. 

4. When and how much interest is added to my taxes?

1% interest is added on the 1st day of each month.

5. I want to pay up my back taxes. Do you offer suggested payment plans?

Yes, we do. If you would like one, please let us know about how much you can afford per month. We can put one together for you, and send it to you via mail or email.

6. I owe back year taxes, but I want to pay the current year first, to avoid interest. May I do this?

Yes, but you will need to clearly specify that you want to pay the current year first to avoid interest. Our default procedure is to pay the oldest year first.

7. I purchased a home, and later found out the previous owner had unpaid taxes. Can these taxes be waived, since I didn't know about them?

No. The taxes became your responsibility when you purchased the home. If you wish to pursue the topic with your realtor or former owner, you may. But ultimately, the taxes are now your responsibility.