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Certain Wisconsin property owners and renters may qualify for additional tax credits and/or loan assistance under special programs administered by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR), Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA), the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), and Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). Some income and residency restrictions apply. You may obtain information about several of these programs on the DOR web site at

INCOME TAX CREDITS:      Wisconsin Department of Revenue, PO Box 8949, Madison WI 53708-8949
*Homestead Credit - Click here for more information or email
*School Property Tax Credit - Click here for more information or email
*Farmland Preservation Credit - Click here for more information or email
*Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit - Click here for more information or email

DATCP Credit:  Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, PO Box 8911,
     Madison WI 53708-8911
*Farmland Preservation Credit - For more information, click here for state information.

LOAN ASSISTANCE:   WHEDA, Box 1728, Madison, WI 53701-1728 or call 1-800-755-7835
*WHEDA - Property tax deferral loans for the elderly -

PROPERTY TAX CREDITS:  Wisconsin Department of Revenue 6-97 , Box 8971, Madison WI 53708-8971

*Lottery & Gaming Credit

You may claim the Lottery & Gaming Credit if, on January 1, you were an owner of a property and used that property as your primary residence. If you meet these requirements, you may claim the credit by filing Form LC-100 "Lottery and Gaming Credit Application" with Marinette County Treasurer.

Primary residence is defined as the home where an individual lives more than six months of the year. If temporarily absent, it is the home to which the owner returns. Only one primary residence may be claimed. Renters do not qualify. {ss.79.10(1)(dm), (9)(bm) Wis.Stats. - Click here for more information}

If you do not receive a Lottery and Gaming Credit on your current tax bill, and you were eligible, please notify the Treasurer to whom you pay your taxes, before paying your tax bill. They will be able to add the Lottery and Gaming Credit any time prior to accepting your payment.

Once your payment is applied, the only way to receive the credit is by applying for it through Wisconsin Department of Revenue. You will need to file Form LC-300 "Late Lottery and Gaming Credit Application", with Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Applications need to be submitted prior to October 1st each year.

Your property does not qualify for Lottery and Gaming Credit if it is:
*No longer your primary residence
*Is a rental property
*Is vacant or sold
*Other (explain)
If any of these are true, you will need to file Form LC-400 "Lottery and Gaming Credit Removal Request" with Marinette County Treasurer. This is especially important if you move out-of-state, and want to be able to apply for the out-of-state tax credits, which may be substantially greater.
*First Dollar Credit - Click here for more information or email

*School Levy Tax Credit - Click here for more information or email

*ADRC - Aging & Disability Resource Center of Marinette County
2500 Hall Ave, Marinette WI 54143