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February 1, 2024 - Seasonal Weight Restrictions on County Trunk Highway I

Pursuant to the Marinette County Code of Ordinance Chapter 22.04 and Wisconsin State Statues 349.16, Marinette County Highway seasonal weight restrictions on County Trunk Highway I will become effective at 6:00 a.m. on February 3. 2024 

In an effort to protect Marinette County highways, the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin State Patrol may enforce the spring weight restrictions.  Spring weight limit restrictions are a necessity for the economic longevity and immediate structural stability of highways that, without restrictions, will seriously deteriorate when the underlying ground is weak and mushy from melting frost.

County Trunk Highway  I (lettered roads) restrictions shall be posted for 6 tons maximum per single axle and 10 ton maximum per tandem axle group.   The maximum gross vehicle weight is 28 tons.  All non-divisible overweight permits will be suspended at this time for CTH I.  Permits to exceed these limits may be granted on a limited basis.
Highway maintenance vehicles, school buses, emergency vehicles, milk/seed potato/livestock haulers, perishable food haulers, solid waste haulers collecting residential or commercial waste, leachate hauling will be EXEMPT from the road restrictions.

This notice does not include town roads. Towns will need to be contacted directly for the status of their weight restrictions.